Last weekend a buddy of mine turned me on to a few documentaries about Area 51, alien spacecraft, the Air Force and Navy pilots who've witnessed 'something crazy in the sky' and one man in particular; his name is Bob Lazar.  I've always considered myself somewhat of a skeptic on anything, not just UFO's and aliens.  But I try to be relatively open-minded about all things because hey, you never know.  For example, if a man whacked out on moonshine tried to tell me he saw Bigfoot in the mountains of West Virginia, I'm probably not going to believe him.  I may be entertained, but I won't believe him.   But if an MIT graduate who worked at Area 51 in the 80's tells me - without hesitation - that he knows for a fact that otherworldly spacecraft and intelligence does exist because of HIS hands-on knowledge and experience, I'm a little more apt to listen.  Even if it goes against my previous beliefs.

That's Bob Lazar.  He's the man behind most alien life documentaries and he speaks about some of the wild things he's seen, touched, and worked with. While working at Area 51 he had one job; reverse engineering.  Basically, he was hired (top secretly of course) to examine things that nobody ever sees; alien spacecraft, alien technology, and alien intelligence.  When he talks, you have to listen.  What he has seen deep behind the highly secure walls at Area 51 would blow your mind.  Over the years as things about UFO's have become more and more declassified by the US government, we're learning more, and his story is checking out.   And if you believe him (which I think I do) it helps to explains why current and former Air Force and Navy jet pilots see things darting in the air - and past them - that cannot move in ways humanly possible at speeds that would kill a human.  These are incredible stories but they're told by credible witnesses.  No moonshine here.

It's fascinating stuff and I've rabbit-holed my way through documentaries on the History channel as well as something I watched last night called  Bob Lazar; Area 51 and Flying Saucers which you should watch - with an open mind - on Netflix.

I'm not saying that I 100 percent think that aliens exist, but I think they exist about 100 times more than I did before I heard this man talk and explain his life for the past 30 years.  Give a watch and then tell me what you believe....

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