In the last 2-months, I've had the amazing opportunity to get acclimated into the country world courtesy of 107-7 GNA. In my career, I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet and hang out with so many different musicians all across the board when it comes to genres, but honestly, not many from the country world until now.

Tara Thompson, Lindsay Elle, Jennifer Nettles, Runaway June, Justine Moore, Canaan Smith, Michael Ray, Dan & Shay, Chase Rice and added to that list just last night Lo Cash and Trace Adkins. Did I mention I've only been here just over 2 months???

It's already been a wild ride and while they've all been gracious, down-to-earth and incredibly talented, it was hard not to be blown away by Lo Cash last night. Not knockin' Trace Adkins, he was awesome, too. There was just something about the other guys that brought this sense of party, fun, happiness and the talent on top of it was astounding. I think we were all blown away here at GNA, even those that had seen them before.

LoCash, Troy, NY - Marissa, WGNA

Backstage Chris was telling us about this Superhero Diet he was doing; basically a mind over matter diet where you fool your brain into thinking you just ate a lot, but you're limited to 1,000 calories. We were cracking jokes that he'd lose his abs if he had more than two veggie sticks. After their portion of the show I went to grab a picture with Chris and Preston and they liked my boombox phone case, to which tweeter and woofer jokes were cracked. Anyone else would think we were a bunch of perverts - judge away!

LoCash, Marissa, WGNA

If you missed the LLS benefit show with Trace & LoCash, hit up youtube and may I recommend this video courtesy of Sue Bogucki