I had an amazing experience here in Nashville.  It might be the most surreal thing ever. it involves a piano and the king of rock and roll!

So Dorrie and I took a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Fascinating place- a must see.  I could do 10 blogs just on that subject alone.  However, this really caught my eye.  I wish it caught my fingers too,  but they wouldn't let me touch it.

Elvis' gold piano
photo by Richie Phillips

This is one of Elvis' pianos.  The story goes that Priscilla had it painted in gold leaf for their anniversary.  Look at that!!!   I've also read that there was a possibility that these fine 88s will be removed soon.  You can find out more at the Hall of Fame website.

I hope not.  This was fascinating to see.  Just one of the many highlights here in Music City.  Have you ever been down here?  You'll all love it.

If you'd like more information about what to see here at the Hall, here's another link for you.




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