I have always been a Yankee fan but more importantly a Derek Jeter fan so when I had an opportunity to meet him in 2015, it was a dream come true.  It was a once in a lifetime chance, and I actually made him laugh.It was a fluke that we were asked to be part of a press conference at Siena College for Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation. There were only about fifteen to twenty members of the press that were invited and I am really not sure how Producer Jess and I got the call. I wasn't going to ask why, I was just going to try and seize the moment.

As I observed the room, most were sports reporters, I knew that I wouldn't be asking hard hitting questions like these journalists would. I waited for the right moment and I piggy backed on a question about Jeter's time with the Albany Colonie Yankees. He said that he did like his time here but he wouldn't consider it his start. That is when I replied that he will always be ours and that we will forever claim him. Jeter turned 2 me and laughed.

I did ask a follow up question as well. I asked if he felt like his time here as an Albany Colonie Yankee was all a blur after the amazing career he had and I got to say, I don't remember what he said. The reason being, when Derek Jeter answers a question, he looks directly at you, into your soul. I had to listen back to the audio to hear how he answered the question because I was fangirling so hard, I had no idea what he said. All I hear in my head was, "Holy cow, Derek Jeter is talking to me, I can't believe this is happening!".

Fast forward to 12:29 to hear Derek Jeter laugh at my joke and then when I ask him a follow-up question.

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