Awhile ago I spread the evil rumor that Barnes and Noble was possibly closing it's doors in Niskayuna.  I  then made a statement in my blog that raised the hair on the neck of the Guilderland Public Library's Information Officer.  It's mea culpa time

Mark Curiale is the the Public Information Officer at the Guilderland Public Library.  Ironically, SOMEWHERE I have a membership card floating around from that very place. I used to go there often, as a matter of fact.

Mark wrote a response to an editorial-style blog I did that mentioned the possible closing of the Barnes and Noble store in Niskayuna. In it,  I made this comment:

if they close it, where else are we going to be able to pick up an actual physical copy of a book- touch it, smell it and just hold the darn thing?


That must have set Mr. Curiale off, so here is my response in rhyming form

I hope that suffices! Thanks for the letter, Mark!


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