I read this in BizJournals.com, and it's definitely sad.  Barnes and Noble is shutting it's doors in one of the Capital District locations.  

According to the article:

Barnes & Noble is closing its store at Mohawk Commons in Niskayuna, NY, but the status of its two other stores in the Albany region are unclear.


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Open letter to management from me...

   It saddens me greatly to see such a beautiful store close.  I realize the expense of keeping brick and mortar locations open, but where else are we going to be able to pick up an actual physical copy of a book- touch it, smell it and just hold the darn thing?

iPads don't have that smell and that feel.  (Sorry Apple, but I'm starting to change my tune a bit here.)  Each book has it's own "character", it's own "personality" if you will. Plus it actually HELPS online outlets like..Barnes and Noble.com  to be able to go in and see what you are buying!

I hate to see the day when we have to "close the book" on retail stores (accidental pun), don't you?   Where's Jimmy Carter going to sign autographs now??

Would love to know your thoughts!

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