Trending on Sunday were a series of pictures posted by Governor Cuomo on his Instagram page where he joined the #BillsBackers at McGeary's Irish Pub in Albany to take in the Bills and Browns game.  I realize that the Governor can be quite the polarizing figure but let's pick apart this photo purely from a football standpoint.

For starters, he captions his IG page with "Great food, great people. No better place to watch the Bills in Albany than McGeary’s."  Okay, maybe he's right about McGeary's being an awesome place to watch the Bills with fellow fans and while he is technically wearing blue, nothing about what he's wearing suggests he's even a Bills fan.  Throw on a logo'd shirt, a hat, c'mon.   Nobody's asking you to light the table on fire, do a shot of tequila and jump from the ceiling, but if the goal here is to endear yourself to fellow New Yorkers, support the team and wear the logo.  While the Governor does deserve credit for drinking what appears to be a beer, what the heck is he eating with it?  It looks like an omelette or a bagel or some sort of croissant.  When you're watching Bills football with #BillsMafia you eat burgers and wings and cheese and pretzels and you make Sunday your cheatiest cheat meal of the week.  Finally, while I got nothing for love for former Mayor Jennings, I do wonder if he's a Brown's fan.  After all, he's the Tan Mom of the Capital Region and it would be rather fitting for lawmaker Cuomo to root for 'the Bills' while Jennings with his richly sun-kissed skin to root for 'the Browns'.  Just throwing it out there.

Either way, the Bills Backers seemed to delight in his presence, even though the Bills lost a heart breaker to the Browns. Unless of course they feel like he jinxed the team in which the last thing you wanna do is piss off Bills Mafia.

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Great food, great people. No better place to watch the Bills in Albany than McGeary’s. Thanks Tess & Co!

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