This guy has quickly become, through the power of mainstream and social media, a total laughing stock.  Yes, I laughed hard myself, I must admit.  And then I thought about it.  I kind of feel bad for him! Have you seen the video? 

So this college student from Indiana was on Wheel of Fortune and was on the way to possibly winning a MILLION dollars.  Watch what happens ( that's if you haven't seen this 47 times already)

But that wasn't the end of it for the poor soul from Indiana.  It went viral of on YouTube and all over the social networks (I'm probably not helping things here)

But then I thought about it and I feel his pain! How can he even walk down the street now?   Could it have been the pressure of national television that got to him?  (Actually, I thought the word  they were looking for when he was up to win the car was CAT myself! )   Just wondering if you feel the same here or am I being oversensitive?  Would love to know below!