My twelve year old son wants a "Droid" Cell Phone for Christmas. I said, "Really Son? That is a pretty big thing to wish for." He replied with a smirk, "Not really cus I still believe in Santa Claus." Now whether he actually does or does not believe in Santa, isn't really the point of this article. The point is, that it occurred to me that my son had figured out that if he truly did believe (or made me think he believed) "Santa" would not let him down.  And isn't it true, that we all want our children to believe that if you hope hard enough, if you believe strong enough, ANYTHING is possible. (This actually something i do believe strongly... but that's a blog for a different day.)  I am happy for the fact that my Son is clearly, very clever... manipulative, but clever indeed.

This all got me thinking about all the wonderful things we believed in as small children  like The  Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny.  And it occurred to me that it wasn't until I lost my belief in them that the money stopped appearing under the pillow, and the basket and eggs didn't get hidden for Easter morning.  But lets be honest, these things are not something you truly miss as an adult or long for a rekindled belief in.  What I miss believing in is "Magic Elves".  Not Santa's magic elves...  Mommy's Magic Elves! These are the special elves that you don't really miss, or stop believing in until you are off at college or in your own apartment.  These were the most awesome elves ever, and you hardly ever thought about them or knew they existed.

"Mommy's Elves" always seemed to work when you were not looking, or fast asleep.  As your Mom went about her days and nights of relaxing and watching TV.. only taking a break now and then to nag you about your room or the glass you left on the table, her Elves were hard at work. They would have your lunch ready when you got up in the morning for school.  They made your bed and did your laundry.  They roamed the house at all hours picking up the clothes and papers and dishes you had just left lying around.  They went grocery shopping and prepared most of the meals.  Mom's Magic Elves did all the menial tasks like vacuuming and cleaning the toilets and even the larger ones like budgeting and saving so that Mom and Dad  could take you and your siblings on a nice vacation to Disney.  Clearly Mom had Magic Elves, there is no way SHE did all these things and still had a smile for us when we were down, or time to go see our sporting events, and plays. There is just no way she could have done all of those things and still worked that full time job.  There wouldn't even be enough time left over for a good game of "Hey this!"

Yes, of all the Magic Creatures and Fairies, Mom's Elves were the best,  and the ones I miss most of all. ( Though I do still believe they have found employment at places like the local grocery store for example... they can re- stock and clean the shelves like no-body's business!)

So, if we go with my Son's logic.. and if we believe hard enough, we can once again experience the magic of Mommy's Elves.  Once again, we can just wander through our days and just know that "the stuff will just get done".  And never think twice about how.  We can just know that somehow it is all done with the Magic elves that Mommy used. Where did they go....

...Wait a minute.  Why didn't she pass them down to me?   Why would she just let them fade away as I became an adult?  What? Only Mom gets to have all that help?  You know, sometimes I wonder if she ever did ANYTHING nice for me!  Hey Mom, thanks ALOT!