Police are saying this could be in retaliation for a shooting that occurred Saturday.

A Times Union report says a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl were both shot in the leg Sunday night. Police believe the Sunday shooting could be in retaliation for a shooting that happened on Saturday. Both occurred in the State Street area. The Times Union says officers were actually stationed at the home where the Sunday shooting occurred, but that did not stop the 2nd shooting.

According to the Times Union report, Police are saying this is part of a series of disagreements and violent incidents between 2 groups in the area.

Any kind of shooting is terrible, but it is even more heartbreaking to see children involved in this. Hopefully the Police investigation for this is swift as they try to figure out who is responsible for these shootings. Along with the victims, after the events over the weekend I can imagine folks in the area are hoping to see those responsible arrested and taken off the street.

The Times Union article says victims and suspects will be identified.during a press conference  this afternoon.

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