If you ever get the hankering for a quality ribeye at 3am, this is the place to go!

Meat vending machines? Apparently they are a thing! And let's be honest, having access to butcher quality meats 24/7 is not a bad thing. According to a Times Union story, Applestone Meat Company in Hudson now has vending meat machines where you can buy cuts of meat anytime of day. The Times Union says the butcher has 7 machines, each vending a different meat.

This is actually a great idea, especially if you are an avid griller. Let's be honest, you just cannot get butcher quality meat outside of normal business hours at your favorite butcher, or even at your 24 hour supermarket where the specialty counters close at night. Until this, if you ever git a craving for a high quality steak, you just had to wait.

If you are curious how this works, you can see one of the machines in the video below:


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