It's sad to see this Clifton Park butcher shop getting ready to close, but it's not all bad news.

If you have ever gotten meats at one of the Primal locations, you know they sell the good stuff! The good news is, we will still have 2 Primal locations in the Capital Region. The bad news is the Clifton Park location will be closing on Monday.

According to a Time Union report, the Primal located at Clifton Park Center Mall will be shutting down. Owner Kevin Wickert told the Times Union, sold the lowest of volume of meats of all 3 Primal locations. Considering this, the growth of online sales and the store's lease coming up for renewal Rickert thought it was best to close this location.

So while this is a bummer, if you live in Clifton Park the Wilton Mall Primal location is not too far away, or you could venture down to Stuyvesant Plaza in Guilderland. Plus you could always order online and have your meats delivered.

The Times Union says if you have gift cards or rewards points, they will be honored at the remaining Primal locations.

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