The Powerball and Megamillions jackpots are both over $300 million dollars. If you hardly ever play the lottery, play it a lot or you wait until the jackpots are high, these are some tips in how to pick the winning numbers.

First and foremost, the majority of winners and even mathematicians (some of them multiple lottery winners) say not to let the computer pick the numbers for you. They say that the Quick Pick is a waste of money. Pick your own numbers.

They also recommend that you do your homework. Look through the past numbers that were drawn. The experts and past winners claim that there is a number pattern that continues. There will also be a common Megaball or Powerball number that is recurring. They say that this method is your best "bet".

So, actually, there is no real science. I just sometimes look for numbers that appear often in my everyday life. Then other times I will pick the birthdays and special numbers associated with family. But if you do happen to pick the right numbers after reading this blog, remember who wrote it. I will accept a cash tip. ;)

The next Megamillions drawing is tonight (Friday August 11th) and the Powerball drawing is Saturday night (August 12th).

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