The Saratoga Frozen Springs Pond Hockey Tournament returns February 12-14 at the Saratoga State Park! How will you keep warm while watching the games?

We have a few suggestions:

1. Hand Warmers - These little pillows of heat are just what you need for this year's round of pond hockey. Most stores sell these bad boys for $10 or less, so you can keep warm without burning a hole in your pocket. Or, you might take the DIY route and try making your own!

2. Mug Warmer - This thing is so cool. The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is a portable hot plate that keeps your coffee warm for as long as you use it! A hot cup of coffee means warm hands, and happy taste buds. This is going on our Christmas list.

3. Weatherproof Your Shoes - You won't need to buy waterproof shoes with this winter hack. Here's a very simple and cost effective way to make sure your feet stay nice and dry during pond hockey -- use sandwich bags! After you slip on your cozy boot socks, put a sandwich bag over your sock. You'll be ready for anything!

4. Heated Socks - These socks mean business. They are safe in the wet snow, they have toe warmers built in, and the heat lasts for hours! All you need is $29.99 and a couple of batteries. These might be the most expensive socks you ever buy, but we think it's a sound investment, and your feet will thank you!

5. Thermal Gear - Layers are key for winter weather. Thermals or long Johns are awesome because they trap heat and fight moisture to keep you warmer, longer! If you don't have a pair, you should get some before the Frozen Springs Classic. You can snag some for as low as $4!

If you do any of these things, you're guaranteed to have an awesome time at the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic. Don't be distracted by the cold!

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