We are only a few days away from the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic at the moment. You still have time to register and here is what to expect.

I have lived a life surrounded by Hockey and each and every year love going to the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic. Beyond that I have worked driving a Zamboni at the Knickerbocker Ice Rink in Troy, I have also worked in a capacity for the former Albany Devils. Hockey is something I have a great appreciation for. I also know the Capital Region loves it!

That's the exact reason the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic is so awesome! Listen, if you play in a league, this is your chance. Show that you and your buddies are better than every other team in the area. Play tournament style, outdoor hockey in the middle of winter at the scenic Saratoga Spa State Park. The way hockey should be played. Break out the skates and register at the link below.

If you want to spectate that is cool too, watch all the action February 9th-11th in Toga. Plus if its extra cold, first step, bundle up. Then make sure you grab an ice cold Labatt Blue bring a lawn chair and sit back watching.

I love this event and have been to every single one of them and love it. The passion and energy from the players and the spectators are just unrivaled. Hopefully, we can see you there!!




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