You may have heard about the shooting in Schenectady yesterday afternoon on the news, I heard the commotion first-hand. This was the first time I've been in this kind of situation and it's a good reminder on how the police protect my city every day.

Where the original police cars were situated was only two blocks from my Mother's house (where I was) and then as the search continued closer downtown, blood spatter was found two blocks from my house. The full story can be found on the Times Union website.

I hear about awful situations like this happening around the Capital Region but never this close to home, literally. We didn't know a ton of information about what was going on, just that streets were closed and someone was on the run. Could they be armed? Could they be looking to hurt people at random? Could they be headed in the direction of where I was? All unanswered questions leaving us uneasy.

Eventually, we heard a helicopter continually circling around the neighborhood. If the helicopter is coming close enough to the house to be shaking the cups in our kitchen cupboard, is the suspect close enough to be hiding on our porch? Could they randomly pick our house? We were in complete lock-down until we had more information.

Eventually, the suspect was found a bit further from our area than originally anticipated but there was a period of time where, in way, my life and the lives of my family were potentially in danger. Seeing how quick the Schenectady Police Department reacted to this situation and how soon they recified it, made me even more appreciative for what they do each and every day.

This story happened to be headline news so their quick response was in our face but I'm sure situations happen that they save me from every day. So, did they save my life specifically? No, but it was because of them, we were kept safe.

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