This was pretty darn funny in a way.  I've  been beating myself up lately for not sleeping at nite.  I keep waking up every 2 hours, like I'm taking a series of mini-naps or something.  I keep thinking that I'm morphing into an insomniac.  Well, I'm not worried anymore!



5.8 Earthquake Shakes East Coast

So Dorrie calls me from work.  "Did you feel the    earthquake?"  "Huh?", I answered gruffly.  I had no idea  what she was talking about!  I was sprawled on the couch  in  Niskayuna.  She was at work up in the Glens Falls  area.   She then exclaimed "there was a 5.8 magnitude  earthquake!  It hit all up the east coast.  They emptied out buildings in Washington DC.  And you didn't feel it, stupid?  (Stupid is a term of endearment in our family, believe it or not!)

Here are the particulars according to All Over  I guess it hit at about 1:55pm, which is exactly when I was snoring!

I was doin' my hour  hibernation ritual  with our little dog, Spencer . He was in the usual location- crawled up in his favorite spot nearby in the kitchen  We had the fan cranking too, by the way (noise maker - gotta have it!)



So to make a long story short, we missed the excitement.  Don't ask me how or why, but I guess I sleep alot more soundly than I thought.  Same with the little Pekingnese (maybe he's accustomed, being from China and all.   Since I think insomnia is largely a mental state ,perhaps this little earth shaker was beneficial in an eerie, odd way!    I have renewed confidence! (But please- NO MORE!)

Did YOU sleep thru it?  Tell me about it.  Would love to know that our dog and I are not the only freaks of nature!   But boy - do I feel STUPID!






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