Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, tinkerbrad
flickr User, tinkerbrad

So as spring and summer have arrived so has my kid's sports games. It feels like I'm at come sort of game everyday, soccer, softball, etc. I really do enjoy watching the kids play and rooting for my daughters and their teams. The kids are great and the coaches do a great job with the kids balancing fun with competition.

The problem I have is one particular parent that also has a daughter on my daughter's softball team. She is constantly making trashy comments to her friends about the girls. Like, "Ugh can't somebody teach that one how to catch?" or "These girls aren't even trying!" She isn't yelling it out to the girls, thankfully but I can hear her, and it makes me dread the games sometimes.

I really get annoyed but I know if I say something to her, even nicely there will be some sort of scene made, and that just isn't my style. I know this is a somewhat common problem so I wonder how other parents, coaches, or schools have handled it.

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