This guy is scary - no other way to put it.  I don't see or ambassador John Kerry making much headway.  It seems that there is only one person qualified to handle the job of calming down this new age dictator, and he wears a nose ring. 

Yes, it's Dennis Rodman, the NBA Hall of Famer. He's visited Kim before, and they became "friends", according to and guess what?  He plans to return to North Korea in August.  Seriously?  Couldn't he move the trip up a couple of months?  Things are getting very hairy over there. states that "Kim Jong Un threatens to attack our US bases in the Pacific"   Dennis, where are you??

This calls for a song!

mp3 version


Where's Dennis Rodman when you need him?
He'll do a great job I'm sure
Where's Dennis Rodman when you need him
He can stop the nuclear war
 things over there make me nervous
It's giving me a case of diarrhea
he'll make anybody squirm the man they call the worm
talk to that WAC from North Korea
Where's old  Rodman when you need him
come on you can do it brother
we'll make you the head of state
we know you can relate
from one crazy person to another
the only one on earth who has the power
to tell them all to shut off the centrifuge
Aint it funny when the man of the hour
Is in a wedding dress and wearing lots of ruege  (how ironic
Where's old  Rodman when you need him
come on you can do it Dennis
You've cleaned up your act
Yes despite the fact
That you weren't so grat on the apprentice
We're giving you security clearance
we count on you as all the tension grows
To calm down   Kim why not give to him
Some of the Jewelry that's hanging from your nose
hat are the chances of him failing?
Right now I say zero
Dont be rude to that green haired dude could become the next national hero

OK - I admit, I'm trying hard to make some kind of light of a terrible and scary situation.  I seriously hope they settle this FAST!  What's your take? Leave your comments below