Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, but sometimes so is a word itself.  This will make sense in a second, I promise! 


First the picture.  What a beauty little Maya is.   And her parents seem incredibly happy as well.  Perhaps they wouldn't be smiling quite as much without the help of the Center for Disability Services.  Because of this amazing facility, they only have a 5 minute drive in Albany to an entire range of services that they wouldn't have normally.   And if you check the link above, you can see all of the services that they provide.

And next-the word.  Maya says "hi!".  Big deal, you say?  Not to Maya, and not to her incredibly devoted parents. Just getting her to begin to  walk and talk was a major challenge until they started working with the "Center".   And to hear her say that word on the air this morning was an amazing experience for all of us.

You can help by donating today during our radiothon, and on Sunday when we co-host the Fox 23 Telethon from about 1pm-7pm.   We welcome whatever you can give!  Maya, her parents and everyone at WGNA thank you!