The Center for Disability Services 52nd Telethon was held yesterday on WXXA Fox 23.  We, here at WGNA-FM, partnered up with Fox to help with the hosting of the telethon.  Friday was our radiothon and once again, our listeners came through for us. We raised $12,090 on Friday helping to contribute to the telethon's big total for 2012 -- surpassing even last year's big number.

Once again, thank you to every one of our listeners that supported us again by making a pledge.  We are tremendously grateful for each and everyone of you!

Hakeem and Joba

What a wonderful surprise and incredibly worth while cause.  This was our third year teaming up with Fox and the CFDS.  With all the events that went on, a total of $1,981,284 was raised.  A big highlight of the day was the fact that Joba Chamberlain, from the New York Yankees, and Hakeem Nicks, of the New York Giants, were both on hand signing autographs.  Some people got there at 5am Sunday morning to ensure they would get their autograph.  You wouldn't believe the line that was wrapping around the corridor of the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road.  It was amazing how many people came out to get an autograph, for just $25.  The money, of course, went to the center.

Lamorne & T.J.

There was also some national celebrities at the telethon helping with the hosting of both stages and meeting many fans as well.  Lamorne Morris from the FOX hit show “New Girl” and T.J. Thyne from “Bones" both came out.  I must say, T.J. has the bluest eyes a girl has ever seen.  I think I might be a fan of "Bones" now.  And Lamorne was so nice and funny.  I definitely will have to check out him and Zooey Deschanel on their show.

Some of our listeners showed support by making a pledge or by stopping down yesterday.  There was plenty of sports memorabilia as part of their silent auction, including two seperate auctions for an all inclusive trip to the Super Bowl, courtesy of Fox.  Last I had checked last night, the bidding on those two auctions was $12,000 and $13,000.  Unreal, right?  So remember, if you missed out this year, be sure to come out next year.  It's well worth it no matter how you look at it.

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