I'm sure you have heard of "planking" It's a very dumb internet sensation where you get a picture of yourself laying down flat in unusual and all too often dangerous places. This is a trend I could never get behind and besides how creative is that? Horse-Maning however is kind of funny and definitely takes a little creativity to pull off.

The basic idea is like in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" you make it look like you are headless and your very alive yet severed head is near-by. There are plenty of ways to do this so it's just kinda interesting, but if you get a little creative and work on it a little you can also make it quite hysterical.


Richie, Jeff and I tried to do a few of them to give you an idea of how to make it work. Not all of them are gems, but I think one or two came out pretty good. Now it is your turn. We want you to try to find some funny , scary, or artistic ways to "Horse-Man". Then, send your photo's to us at seanandrichie@wgna.com.  I'm not sure yet what the prize will be, but we will make it something substantial. Good Luck, and get out the and do some Horse-Maning!


Check out TheFW for some more horse-maning goodness -

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