In a retail lane that seems to be dominated by big-box stores in the Capital Region, a locally owned and operated pet, garden and farm supply store is open for business.

If you are a local homeowner looking for a local option for lawn, garden and pet supplies, look no further than the new Malta Farm and Garden store in Malta. According to a Saratogian story, the new supply store opened for business earlier this month. The  Saratogian says the new store is part of a local chain run by the Lillerton Co-Op with locations in Chatham, Claverack, Millerton and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. That is the beauty of this place - it is locally owned and operated.

If you are a farmer, you are probably already going to a local, specialized place like this for supplies. But for the average homeowner, Malta Farm and Garden is a great alternative to the big box home supply chains for your lawn and pet needs. If you visit their website you will see they have a full line of all the supplies you would need to keep your lawn or garden thriving, as well as anything you could possibly need for your dog or cat!

If you are a homeowner, think of the money you spend every week at the big chains on supply for your home. Maybe like me, you can't get out of one without spending less than $100 each week! Think about how vital that support would be going back to a local business during these challenging times. You can still make those runs when necessary to those big chains, but with a great local option available now in Saratoga Country for some of those supplies, the timing couldn't be better to show some support to this new local supply store.

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