Wow - this is pretty big news actually.  We've always known it as the "Turf" for as long as I've lived in this area.  (In fact I have a little story about that).  Then it became the Holiday Inn Turf.  What will it's new moniker be?

According to the "Buzz: Business News" in the Times Union, there is a change coming:

The 312-room Holiday Inn at 205 Wolf Road in Colonie will become part of the Radisson hotel chain, effective Sept. 25. An announcement of the change is expected to be issued..

Turf Sign
Google Earth


I'm wondering how much of the hotel will be renovated?   The "Turf" (wow- I can't get that name out of my head") was always the second home of WGNA.  We did many, many country dance nites there at "Playfield's".  In fact, there actually used to be a piano bar there at one time in a little club called the "Love Nest".  I even tinkled the ivories there a few nites.

Well the times, they are a changing.  Get ready for a new name and new ownership.

(Someday if you are interested, I'll tell you how I got to know the owner of the Turf personally)…



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