It is hard to believe we are hitting the one-year mark since our last big concert here in the Capital Region.

Could it really be 12 months? 365 days since we last gathered for our favorite pastime, live Country music? If you told me March 6th of last year that Kane Brown, Russel Dickerson, and Chris Lane at the Times Union Center would be our last concert for at least a year, I would have said no way, no how. But here we are, and we have missed out on so much over the last year.

But looking at that night, all the signs were there of what was to come. The first was everyone in the Kane Brown meet and greet was required to use hand sanitizer. At the time it was a reasonable precaution as virus news was really just percolating. But it still felt eerily odd and little did we know it was the start of a new habit for the next year.

Later that night backstage, things started to percolate a little more. While Brian, Chrissy, and I were talking with Russel Dickerson backstage we first heard this news from Old Dominion about them canceling a show due to COVID:

At the time, it felt like an isolated event. It's not that we did not take it seriously, we just never imagined the show cancellations happening for everything as they did.

But ultimately that night, the show went on. And looking back now, there is so much I remember from that night that I really miss about live music. The buzz building in the arena before the show. The excitement when the lights go down. Seeing those phone flashlights shine and wave during a ballad. Hearing the songs we listen to and love so much sung live at the highest decibels. I miss it all!

But most of all, I miss you. I miss catching up over a beer on the lawn at SPAC. I miss reminiscing about Countryfest that summer and you suggesting artists for Secret Star in the fall. I miss hearing about your life, and just how things are going. Country music is the common thread between us all, but it is so much more than that. I just miss my Country music buds.

One year has been too long, but we will be back soon. Just save a few minutes for me for that next beer on the lawn at SPAC, ok?

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