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Country Cover?
Here's a little nostalgia for ya! The Fresh Prince theme song has to be one of the most popular and noticeable theme songs in all of T.V and most people can sing along to it if it's playing. I know that I personally remember every single word to the song and apparently so does Carrie Under…
‘I Am Legend’ Reboot Moving Forward Without Will Smith
Despite being one of the bigger hits of 2007, a sequel to 'I Am Legend' failed to materialize. Blame star Will Smith's unwillingness to do sequels or blame the film's rather definitive ending, which made a follow-up difficult. Seven years later, the franchise that wasn't is …
These Celebrities Are Not Aging At All! No Fair! [Watch]
I read somewhere that a woman is most beautiful at 31 and then she starts declining.  Ouch.  I just turned 30.
For men I remember that age being slightly older.
Well, if you check out this video, you'll notice that these celebs don't seem to get any older at all...

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