We hear a lot about bullying and everyone is trying to stop it from the Superstars of the WWE, to teachers and parents and everyone in between. Before bullying got out of control in schools to the point that it is at today every single one of us watched poor little Herbie the Elf get bullied on CBS-TV every year since the 1960's on national television.He was the little elf that wanted to be a dentist in "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". When he told his boss elf that he wanted to be a dentist and didn't like making toys the boss elf publicly humiliated him in front of all the other elves. I still hear him saying it to this day "Did you hear that? Herbie doesn't like to make toys!"

All of the other elves made fun of him and he ran away and met Rudolph, and as we all know he saved the day when he yanked the teeth of the monster at the end. We didn't think of it as bullying back then because it was a different time, but it was what it was. Watch here and see.