My handsome husband is literally an award-winning Rock, Paper, Scissors player!  No joke, at one point he was one of the world's top-25 players!

But now, thanks to researchers at MIT, I can guarantee he'll be a champion.

As long as the person he's playing against isn't ALSO reading this right now.

Here's how it works, according to MIT:

1.  When a person's turn is successful, they'll most likely stick with what they chose for their next turn. So if they beat you with rock, they'll probably try rock again the next turn.

2.  But if the person's turn ISN'T successful, they'll usually switch to whatever BEAT them.  So if they throw rock and lose to your paper, they'll switch to paper on their next turn, since paper beat them.

They say the switch is a conditional response. It's something we do instinctively, even if we think we're just picking randomly.

So, watch what your opponent is doing, and you can guess what they're gonna throw next!

Good luck!

Here's a photo of my lover, the RPS Champ!

Photo: Graig Chapman
Photo: Graig Chapman

He used to have hair, too!  Love your tie, babe!

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