Today on the WGNA Facebook page I wrote a quick "apology" that just said:

"I just want to publicly apologize for what I said about Santa on the show a few minutes ago, I truly am sorry if I ruined Christmas for anyone, or Santa. - Sean"

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Now the truth of the matter is I didn't say ANYTHING about Santa on the show. What I did say is that it always bothers me when people see a blog that I've written or a comment I make and just start blasting away with anger even if they have not taken any time at all to read or verify what I said or if I even said it. With that in mind, I said I will post a generic apology on the Facebook Page and for those of you listening go ahead and post a comment saying "I can't believe you said that" or something like that, but make sure you use two periods so I know that your comment is not a "real" comment.

The idea, of course, was to see if anyone would assume... because while the "apology" is a little bating, you MUST make a leap no matter how small to think you know what the comment referred to.and post an opinion.As expected, some did. I really had no harm intended whatsoever and just wanted to see how fast assumptions and opinions would come. In fact, it was pretty interesting how the comment thread actually became about me or anyone possibly saying that Santa doesn't exist (which, of course, I wouldn't because he does). I think some pretty good ideas and thoughts came out in the thread some of which were not angry or attacking in nature at all. And of course there were many of you that came to my defense which I of course ALWAYS appreciate.

What I learned for myself though is not what I expected.

This has shown me all too well how fast a rumor can start and how fast people are to assume the worst and jump to the negative. It really is a little scary. I don't say this for just my sake, I honestly don't care if anyone believes I said it or not, I think most know how much kids mean to me and at worst would say, "Man he must have slipped up or something." I say this for all of us because I would hate for you to be on the receiving side of a public bashing that stems from quite literally, "I heard from someone that they THINK someone said or did this."