Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Bill Abbott
flickr User, Bill Abbott

I have been working for a company for over 5 years now. While it is very hard to summarize my dilemma I will try.

In my 5 years here, there have been many cutbacks, making me one of the most experienced people in the building. I have also been through 4 different managers, and while I have to train these managers who come from outside the company and help them perform their duties daily, I myself have been passed over for this position 3 times.

My problem is this, the latest managerial hire from the company is the worst so far. He has no idea what to do and has made no attempt to get to know the area, which is something crucial to what we do. He is constantly out of the office, most of that time in a bar or club as we can tell when he calls in for updates. When he is in the office, he is sitting at his desk reading the paper or surfing the internet.

My problem is, what can I do? I feel like if I say anything, it may look like sour grapes on my part, and I have seen a history of things not going so well around here with "whistle blowers".

I am a single Mother and I need this job and I am good at what I do, I do not want to leave and start over somewhere else, but on the other hand, this new manager is making it impossible for me to come to work everyday and not want to scream. Help?

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