Listen, I don't ask for favors too much so please understand this is very important to me. My friend and co-host Bethany is trying to raise money to fight blood cancers and become this year's Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's "Woman of the year". Believe me the title is not why she is doing this but I personally think she DESERVES it. When the People from LLS and management here at WGNA came to her and asked her to do this , she was at first very reluctant. Then she met the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's boy and girl of the year and that all changed. She knew she had to do something to help these kids and with my assurance that YOU our amazing listeners would not let her down, she agreed.

Girl and Boy of The Year
Girl and Boy of The Year

Since that time she has worked very hard to come up with ways to make giving fun and desirable for everyone by coming up with prizes and challenges and even planning a big concert with Trace Adkins and Locash. While these things have helped I'm afraid she is far from having the funds she will need to win this thing so at this point WE NEED YOU. Bethany is not much a a "beggar" but you know I have no problem begging if it is for a goood cause and helps children and this charity is amazing and important.

So please take a few minutes right now and donate whatever you can, it can be $5 or $50,000 whatever you think you can afford. Every single donation helps and will mean the world to Bethany, Me and everyone here at WGNA. Then send this message out to all your friends and challenge them to help out as well, especially if your "friends" are multi-million dollar corporations. :)

Remember what I always say, if everyone reading this thinks, "Eh someone else will donate, they don't need me" NO one will donate.

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