​The video game Fortnite has become the latest gaming sensation and many households are having a hard time controlling the amount of time their spouses or children are playing .  It's gotten so out of control that some families - in extreme cases - are saying that Fortnite is literally ripping apart their home.  It's addictive, expensive and insanely time consuming.  One mom called into the show this am to tell us how Fortnite has taken over her 13 year old sons life to the point where she was 'out of solutions'. Hear the phone call that sparked an hour long debate on GNA this morning.  Could this mom do a better job at controlling her child's addiction to the video game Fortnite?

First off, I want to say that I do feel badly for this woman and this truly is a very extreme situation that she's dealing with.  Parenting is a complicated job and nobody in the room was saying they could do 'better'.  In her mind she was truly the best she could and she reached out to the show to not only share her story with us, but to see if we - or anyone listening - may have a suggestion for her.  Some people were turned off by my idea of limiting her son's game-play by using various parental control on his phone or - better yet - getting rid of the Xbox altogether.

Hear the call that sparked the debate:




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