Listen to Chrissy Cheer on Son Playing Fortnite
We are usually really busy with Ryan playing all sports. With the lockdown and social distancing, all sports are canceled. So I had to find other ways to cheer him on and be his biggest fan. This time it's while he plays Fortnite.
16-Year-Old Becomes Millionaire Playing Fortnite (AUDIO)
Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf  won 3 million dollars by taking home first place in the 'Fortnite World Cup' in NYC last Sunday. Kyle is 16-years-old and his life is basically set after dominating a game that many parents (and perhaps siblings) think of as a nuisance.  The truth is, it doesn't matter what i…
Hear Call That Sparked Heated Parenting Debate On GNA
​The video game Fortnite has become the latest gaming sensation and many households are having a hard time controlling the amount of time their spouses or children are playing .  It's gotten so out of control that some families - in extreme cases - are saying that Fortnite is literally ripping apart…