This is scary.  I hate reading stats like this.  According to the Huffington Post, 1 in 24 adults have done this, and it's a number that's growing.   

According to the article, here's the breakdown;

1. Men are doing it more than women

2. The most common ages are between 25-34

3. These people are getting less than 6 hours a nite (that part sounds familiar)

4. Don't snicker - this causes between 3 and 33% of all car fatalities

Southern Wisconsin Hit By Major Blizzard
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I will admit - it happened to me once. I was coming home from the show and it was snowing hard.  The station was in East Greenbush and we lived in Gansevoort.   I nodded off at a stop light years ago on Route 50 near the Wilton Mall.  It was only a split second, but I felt my head drop and touched the edge of the steering wheel.  Flipped me out!


So how do you prevent this?  Obvious advice - sleep more! Also, DON'T DRINK before driving.  (duhhh).  If you'd like more information, here's alink from the Sleep that you should read.


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