There is a Facebook group that is helping to find recreational vehicles (RVs) for healthcare workers to stay in while they are working to fight the coronavirus. Do you have an RV and are willing to help out doctors in our area? It started in March in Texas from a woman who was asked if she would loan her RV to an ER doctor who was working closely with coronavirus patients and didn't want to expose his wife and young child.

According to KRQE, this spawned the idea of RVs for MDs. The Facebook group now has reached all fifty states and has more than thirty thousand members across the country. Doctors and nurses can request an RV on the page and RV owners can coordinate lending their RVs to them in their specific area.

What an awesome idea. The RV owners say that if this helps to assist those doctors and nurses on the front lines, it's the least they can do.

If you have an RV and would like to offer doctors and nurses a place of respite, you can do so by clicking HERE. If you are a healthcare worker on the front lines and would like to put in a request for an RV in our area, click HERE. There are online forms that you can fill out.

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