A 27-year-old man from Cambridge was has been arrested and sent to the Washington County Jail, for allegedly stealing several coins that were in a collection, and guns.

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Some of the sets of coins are very old, and date as far back as the 1820s. Some of the guns that were stolen were considered to be antiques.

Jeremiah M. Beagle was a handyman at the home where he allegedly took the items, which were valued at about $50,000 dollars. It is believed that Beagle allegedly took the stolen items, sold them and then used the money to buy heroin.

According to the article in the Post Star, New York State Police, along with the Cambridge Greenwich Police, believe that the suspect had a very good idea about the layout of the house and where everything was located. The owner of the house was not around because he had been away for the winter. The person that was keeping an eye on the home went inside to check on the house. That’s when it was discovered that there were things missing. They also found that someone cracked open a safe.

Beagle was charged with a felony, Burglary in the third degree. In the story from WNYT, Beagle has already had some issues with the law. There’s an unspecified conviction that happened in Rensselaer County which led to Beagle being on felony probation in Washington County. He was also previously arrested in 2007. That arrest was for another home burglary that took place in Hoosick Falls.

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