Did someone give out weed gummies on Halloween?

This is one of those alerts that we seem to get each year, right around Halloween.  And while most New Yorkers seem to appreciate the warning from area police stations, some are skeptical.  Either way, all of us parents would rather be safe, than sorry, even if it "seems" unlikely to have happened to your child.

Police in Massena, NY allege it happened on Halloween

A Facebook post from the Massena, NY Police Department urged residents in Upstate New York to check their kid's bags before digging into the treats, for fear of some Halloween hijinx in the form of weed gummies.

***Public safety announcement***
Massena area people. Please check your children’s trick-or-treating candy before they eat any. The picture of the bag attached (edibles for adults) was located by a local trick-or-treater. If you locate a similar bag of “candy,” please bring it to the Massena Police Department with information on where you trick-or-treat.  Massena New York Police, Facebook


Massena Weed Gummy
Massena Police Warn of Weed Gummies given out on Halloween. Photo: Massena, NY Police Facebook

The police department in Massena (which is located about 4 hours northwest of Albany, near the Canadian border) claims that someone gave out Sour Bites Ragin' Reds, which are multiple-flavored edible candies or "weed gummies" for adults.

Common effects that occur in children after ingestion of cannabis-containing edibles include vomiting, dizziness, difficulty walking, a rapid heart rate, drowsiness, confusion, and breathing difficulties.

Who would do this?

Some would suggest that no one in their right mind would intentionally dole out weed gummies to kids, considering the likelihood of getting caught, not to mention how expensive they are, versus a regular bag of candy.

But in fairness, an oversight is possible, considering how similar the packaging looks.

The bag of edibles shown in the photo costs about $30, whereas a regular bag of non-cannabis gummies might cost about $10 dollars.

Nonetheless, police in Massena are asking if anyone had a similar experience to bring in the bag of "candy" so they may investigate further.

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