An alarming and unsettling story out of Guilderland has a family concerned for the safety of their children and their pets, and a community worried that whoever is responsible, is still out there.

According to a report from News Channel 13, a man from Guilderland who the news station only identified at Patrick, says one of their dogs named Skye was shot back in October near the house.  Despite every effort made by the family to keep their rescue pup alive, he unfortunately died a short time later due to his injuries.

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Fast forward to a few weeks ago, where according to the news station, another one of their dogs named Chase was also shot.  The family believes that it was shot by the same person.  The two dogs, according to Channel 13, are both rescues from the same litter.

According to News Channel 13, Chase's wound "looks exactly the same as the one suffered by his sister Skye in October, also near the house. "  The family, obviously distraught over what has happened to their dogs, say they're equally worried about their 3 children under the age of 5.

Anyone with more information is asked to step forward and contact the police.


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