The Love Cowboy comes on with Brian and Chrissy each weekday morning to help out a listener with relationship advice. He covers all sorts of topics and dilemmas whether it's a family disagreement, or between a husband and wife, boyfriend girlfriend, and even quarrels amongst friends.  Jenna in Scotia emailed the show asking the Love Cowboy for help. Her boyfriend loves the Buffalo Bills and has a jersey he wears every Sunday. The thing is, she claims his jersey is gross. There are stains on it and Jenna says she's embarrassed by him when he wears it. Love Cowboy tackles this dilemma between Jenn and her boyfriend. Take a listen to how he handled this one.

The Love Cowboy always straps on his boots and gets to work. Sometimes he's silly, funny, and a bit serious. But he tries to help out a listener to the best of his ability while being highly entertaining.

Each weekday morning at 6:05 and 8:05 the Love Cowboy moseys on into the studio with Brian and Chrissy to give some love and relationship advice. He always is quick with a story and a joke and at times throws a few jabs at Brian.

If you have a relationship question and need advice from the Love Cowboy, send an email to Brian and Chrissy in the morning at Make sure you include your name and city so we can reference your email. Who knows? Maybe the Love Cowboy has some solid advice for you too.

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