Some sad news from the Midwest-a woman that got married this past weekend sadly became a widow just a few hours after her wedding.


Her husband, 49-year-old William Riley Knight, and his wife Nikki, were on their way to a hotel after they left their wedding reception, in Crown Point, Indiana, late, Saturday night. William noticed that a woman was walking near the road, because her car had slid off the road. Being a good samaritan, he wanted to help her out because it was late, and he knew that she needed help.

According to the story from television station WBBM , Nikki stayed in the car while her husband walked over to help the woman. That’s when tragedy struck. William, and the woman that he went to help, 42-year-old Linda Darlington were both hit by a passing car. Sadly, both were struck again, by two more cars that were following the first vehicle.

Both people had been pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and it was determined that both died of blunt force trauma, according to the local official, the Lake County Coroner’s office.

William Knight is a retired U.S. Army Ranger. He’s survived by two daughters and also a stepson and stepdaughter.

Nikki said that “it’s all a blur,” and is still in shock.

Our prayers go out to Nikki and their families.