On this week's tech talk we will tackle everyone's favoritist subject - food!  I have a great food app, and a fantastic piece of food related gadgetry to boot.  Are you ready to get your geek on?  Here we go


Let's say you have a million recipes on your tablet and you want to refer to them when you're in the kitchen. You don't want to put a tablet next to the stove. No one likes a melted iPad next to your omelet pan.  Enter the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount.  You can put it in a strategic spot and there you go!  And of course, if you have Time Warner Cable, you can watch TV right on your tablet in case you just want some plain old entertainment.

Now- what's the best way to organize recipes, find them, get cooking ideas AND catalogue all the great restaurants you've been to?  There's an app for that!  It's called Evernote Food (part of the Evernote app system, which I have and is fantastic)  Here's a video on it from YouTube

Best of all, the app is FREE, but you would need Evernote first.  That also  is free for the basic features.  I use Evernote at least 20 times a day without exaggeration.  That's a subject in itself.  .

from Evernote.com

       Evernote is a kind of "cloud service" in a way, which brings us to today's question from  our sponsor:  Computer Renaissance of Latham - Your Tech Experts!

Question of the week from Christian in Gloversville:  What is the Cloud and why is it good?

Computer Renaissance says the cloud is like the “some place” that your data is stored – before the cloud your photos, your files, your music -- used to be stored on a physical piece of hardware, perhaps on a floppy disk or a CD or a hard drive in your computer.

In the most basic terms, the Cloud refers to the Internet… meaning something is stored it on an Internet service. For example, email or webmail services are in "the cloud."

The Cloud or cloud computing refers to an application that is hosted on or run on Internet servers.

There are a lot of advantages to using Cloud-based services or Cloud computing. The first is that your media lives in a place not on your own device, so you can get it on multiple devices. You can check your email on any computer

That also means that those photos, files or songs are being backed up on those various services. So if your hard drive crashed, you'd have a backup of all your files.


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