How many times have we all seen graffiti spray painted on buildings and bridges? I will admit that sometimes the "artists" did a pretty good job, and it doesn't really look bad, but regardless, it is an act of defacing property. Unless you have permission to do this, it's illegal.

Vatrano Road At Central Avenue (Google Street View)

In this graffiti incident, two 20-year-old men from Colonie got caught in the act by Albany Police, and were sent to jail. On Thursday morning around 4:00 a.m., Albany Police were on Vatrano Road, near the Albany-Colonie line, when they  saw the two men allegedly using spray paint behind one of the buildings.

Justin Moore and Sean Connolly took off on foot when the officer got a little closer to them. A short time later, both men were caught and arrested. They were both in Albany City Criminal Court for their arraignment. Moore and Connolly were charged with Making Graffiti, Possession Of Graffiti Instruments, Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespassing. According to the article from the Times Union, both men were then remanded to the Albany County Jail