Governor David Paterson was fined yesterday by the New York State Commission of Public Integrity.  The Governor attended game one of the World Series last year at Yankee Stadium, FOR FREE!  Well those tickets ended up costing him a whole lot in the end.  The Commission fined him more than 62-thousand dollars.

Now, in Paterson's testimony, he stated he always intended to pay for the tickets (which he ended up paying for three of them).  However, that was 'refuted by his staff, the Yankees, an independent handwriting expert and "common sense" (Jim Smith, Metrosource).'

The Governor went to the game with two of his aides, his son and his son's friend.  The Commission felt because Paterson was not there in an official capacity and his false testimony, and especially his behavior "set a totally inappropriate tone by his dishonest and unethical conduct (Smith)."

It is the NEW YORK Yankees.  He is Governor David Paterson of NEW YORK.  Does anyone else see the a similar or equal component to this equation? I think his attendance demonstrated his loyalty to the state and everything/ everyone that helps represent this great state we live in.