We have been hearing about it for months, and it looks like we could be closer to ridesharing finally coming to Upstate New York.

According to nyup,com, on Monday Governor Cuomo will reveal a plan to get ridesharing programs like Uber and Lyft operating in Upstate New York. His plan would have the state overseeing the programs, not local governments, to make sure they are complying with regulations. The state plan would also require Uber and Lyft to add '...a 2.5 percent surcharge to all fares to contribute to The Black Car Fund, which covers drivers who are injured on the job.'

More details are expected Monday, but this is a good sign that we may finally have ridesharing soon here in the Capital Region. Using Uber is one of things I miss most in the Capital Region! It is super convenient, and makes getting a lift somewhere super easy. Especially in more rural areas where a taxi may not be readily available, there is more likely to be an Uber or Lyft driver ready and waiting to get you home!


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