Once again, YOU and the Capital Region stepped up BIG TIME to fight childhood cancer!

Words cannot describe how I feel as I am typing this. We have spent the last two days telling you about the amazing work St. Jude does, heartbreaking stories and stories with happy endings. And we have asked you to be a part of the miracle of St. Jude by becoming a Partner In Hope.

Well, you guys delivered! In the last 2 days over 560 of you signed up to become Partners In Hope and helped us raise $180,720. It warms our hearts knowing how much you are helping to assist St. Jude in the great work they do every day, saving children's lives. As St. Jude founder Danny Thomas once said, 'No child should die in the dawn of life.' St. Jude is doing all they can to fight childhood cancer and lots of brave kids are fighting the battle of their lives. Now 560 more Capital Region fighters are doing it with them.

We are super lucky to work for a radio station that is part of such an amazing community. You guys amaze us everyday by being our friends, and you absolutely blew us away with your generosity during the radiothon. Thanks as well to our great sponsors, Adirondack Tire and Service and Northeast Pest Control.

We thank you. And pat yourselves on the back GNA Nation. You done good! ;)

And hey, if you were not able to donate during the radiothon, you can still donate here!


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