Instacart is a service that does home delivery grocery shopping for you after you tell it what you want.  At it's best, it saves you time and energy.  At it's worst, you could end up with a bunch of meat-ends and bruised apples as there are times, on occaision, when Instacart delivers the wrong stuff.  This was happening to a GNA listener named Courtney who emailed the show and she wanted to have a little fun with it.  Her husband Thomas has grown in increasingly frustrated with the service and we decided to have a little fun with him.  Chrissy and I decided to make a Prank Call to an unsuspecting Thomas posing. We posed as an employee from Instacart - with a completely ridiculous accent - wanting to go over their grocery list for accuracy purposes. Thomas was a good sport as he endured nearly three minutes of pure torture from a character named  Hebert who butchered names and brands of items in this Phony Phone Call called 'Instacart'.  Enjoy!

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