If you or someone you know is a graduating senior in the class of 2020, help GNA make sure they're properly recognized in our custom song that we'll play on the radio.   The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways and each and every one of us has a story.  If you are a graduating senior, we want to hear yours.  All graduating high school seniors are invited to take part in "GNA's Senior Class Shout-Out Song."

GNA has a special relationship with national country music recording artist Drew Baldridge and he's helping us put together something really cool for our Capital Region graduating seniors.   A few years ago, Baldridge wrote a great song called "Senior Year" in which he references the things that make the high school years so special and memorable. From football Fridays, to falling in love, weekend parties, and everything in between.

We're asking you to add to the story that Drew Baldridge helped start.  If you're a graduating high school senior, leave us a message and tell GNA:

  • Your name and city you're from. 
  • What high school you're graduating from.
  • Add any special shout-outs to friends, teachers and mentors. 
  • Tell us what you'll remember or miss the most about your senior year.

We'll take your audio and place it throughout the song for you to hear on the radio and download so you can play it for your friends and family!

Take a listen to "Senior Year" from Drew Baldridge.  It's a great song that really hits home and we're excited about adding your voice and story in this special, customized version.

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