Safety is a main concern for the Glens Falls Farmers Market so they decided to relocate the venue this winter to a bigger a better location. According to News 10 ABC, the Glens Falls Farmers Market would typically go indoors for the winter months inside the former Sandford Street Elementary School. But because of the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, they are moving it to the Cool Insuring Arena.

The coronavirus has put a lot of events on hold or completely canceled. The Glens Falls Farmers Market was able to continue outdoors during the summer months but they weren't sure what they would do in the winter to continue the event. Because they wanted to make sure their customers and vendors would be safe, they moved to a larger venue to be able to space it out for social distancing guidelines. This is why it made sense to move to the Cool Insuring Arena.

In a news release, the farmers market staff said:

“In the interest of keeping our customers safe, we sought out a large venue for social distancing purposes. We’ll have plenty of great items and produce for sale all winter long, so make sure to mark your calendars for our new spot.”

Now that the Glens Falls Farmers Market is at the Cool Insuring Arena, it will run every Saturday from 9 am until noon no matter the weather. You can check out their weekly vendor list on their website HERE.

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