A Glenmont man recently discovered a man in his home who didn’t belong there.

Police Car Lights
Bro. Lou Roberts

He chased the suspected intruder out of the house, but it didn’t end there. The alleged intruder showed the man that he had a knife while he was being chased. The suspected intruder then jumped into a vehicle that was waiting nearby for him. The homeowner called police to tell them what happened, jumps into his vehicle and follows the suspect through parts of the Albany area.

In the story from the Times Union, the police caught up to the intruder’s vehicle and stopped it in Watervliet. They were held in Watervliet until the Bethlehem Police got there. The two people in the getaway vehicle both ended up going to Albany County Jail.

The two people that were arrested were 33-year-old James J. Peltier from Cohoes and 25-year-old Grace L. Norton from Mechanicville. Peltier, the accused intruder, was charged with burglary, weapons possession and conspiracy. Norton, who was accused of driving the getaway vehicle, was charged with conspiracy and burglary.

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