I love the Girl Scouts but when I was younger, I had to show up to my Mom's work and ask (beg) her co-workers to buy a box of cookies. Now, they don't even have to leave the house!

I'll preface this by saying I think the Girl Scouts of America are a great organization. I ended up charging $70 to my credit card this cookie season and I fully support their delicious cookie-making marketing. I just don't know how I feel about their new method of sales so I figured I'd explain and then ask you.

I have a relative in Georgia whose daughter is a Girl Scout. I, of course, wanted to support her and her cookie sales but it's hard when she's out of state. That's when her Mom posted a link on Facebook for me to order. I selected my cookies, paid the shipping, supported her troop, and my cookies should be arriving on Tuesday. The weird part of all of this? I, not one time, had interaction with the actual Girl Scout. Also, if it wasn't for me commenting at my surprise of this method, I wouldn't have had contact with her mother either.

Sure, parents have been bringing their cookie/magazine/candy bar/etc forms to offices for years but this online addition takes that a step further.

I don't want to sound like the person who likes things better when they "were younger," but it's just strange that Girl Scout cookie sales are online now. I didn't have to talk to anyone and I'm still getting cookies. At the end, I still got cookies and that troop still got a donation but is this online method taking something away from the original point of cookie sales?

Honestly, I don't know. I like that I had a way to support an out-of-state relative but I wish it was a little more personal and, of course, there are still some troops getting out there and shaking hands while selling cookies, but how do you feel about these online sales? Do you think Girl Scouts should make cold calls or visits or is this online method a God-send?

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